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Note on M14 & M1 Garand Fittings:

Due to the large number of "parts kits" we have received to assemble these rifles, we have changed the fitting price to reflect the additional work it requires to catalog upon receipt, and keep track of and fit the many parts customers are sending in.

If you send us a complete, assembled rifle (or barreled action) the fitting price remains $210.00.

If you send in a dissasembled rifle or a parts kit, we have to charge an additional $50.00 to cover these additional operations. This is NOT an optional cost, Much more time is required to log in these parts kits, insure parts are servicable, and keep track of them vs. a complete/functional rifle that a customer sends in.

We STILL require that all of the parts you send be serviceable.

We will not fit your unservicable or out of tolerance parts, but in some cases it is allowable to fit the barrel to some new parts. Any additional cost for fitting these parts, or simply declining to fit an out of tolerance part is up to our discression and will be handled on a case by case basis. Please call if you have any questions on the parts you would like to send, however the final decision will be up to the gunsmith once he has your parts in his hands.


AR-10/DPMS-LR Chambering Services:

We can chamber and headspace an AR10/DPMS-LR style barrel however you must supply us with the bolt so we can properly perform this work. If you are sending a bolt for this purpose we ask that you send the BOLT ONLY (no carrier) and that the bolt be stripped of it's ejector and extractor. This is needed as we spend far too much time dissasembling and re-assembling customers parts. Also, many of the chromed bolts have extremely tight fitting pins causing additional work on our part. The bolts supplied by the customer are YOUR responsibility and we can no longer continue to spend hours every month working on these components.

If you send your bolt assembled and/or with the carrier an additional charge will be added for dissasembly/re-assembly.

If we are performing a complete fitting on your upper, then send your assembled components as always.

Thank you, Krieger Barrels, Inc.



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