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LIMITED RUN: AR-15 16.5" Carbine's in .300 BLK now available! 

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PLESE NOTE: Krieger Barrels, Inc. does not offer any pre-fit or drop in barrels for any bolt action rifles. We can sell you a rifled and contoured blank (no threads/chamber/crown) or we can fit it to your receiver if the action you have is listed on our list of accepted actions and we have a chambering reamer for the cartridge you want to use.

We only offer the .30 "Tight" caliber barrels up to a 1-12 twist. The reason being, we have seen pressure issues arise when using heavy, long bearing surface bullets in this tight bore/tight groove configuration. We strongly suggest against using bullets heavier than 175 grain, and/or magnum pressure cartridges in any .30 Tight caliber barrels due to the dangers of high pressure and the increased chance of copper fouling.

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Krieger Barrels, Inc.


ALL barrels are rifled with a right hand twist. 



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