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LIMITED RUN: AR-15 16.5" Carbine's in .300 BLK now available! 

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Krieger Barrels has put its in-stock inventory online. Beginning in 2010, click the link below for a complete and current list of our inventory barrels. Updated weekly, this list contains a basic description of the barrel along with its Inventory Location Number (INV #). Have this number handy when you call to speed up the order process, and anyone who answers the phone should be able to help you.
Remember that we can often re-contour these barrels to smaller diameters and/or shorter lengths and will still perform our full range of services whenever possible!
If you see something that might work for you, give us a call and we can tell you a lot more about the barrel you’re interested in, and explain some of our abbreviations. It is also best to call to insure we still have the barrel in stock. As we mentioned, this list will be updated weekly and is NOT a live list of what we have on hand.
PLEASE NOTE: Krieger Barrels, Inc. does not offer any pre-fit or drop in barrels for any bolt action rifles. We can sell you a rifled and contoured blank (no threads/chamber/crown) or we can fit it to your receiver if the action you have is listed on our list of accepted actions and we have a chambering reamer for the cartridge you want to use.
Even though these barrels show as in inventory, we are still taking up to a week to process, inspect, and ship an order for one of these barrels even if no secondary operations need to be done. Please plan accordingly for your delivery expectations.
Last updated:   16-December-2014

If you see something on our inventory list that you would like to purchase or have questions on PLEASE CALL as this inventory is very fluid and changes sometimes minute by minute. We only update the page once a week (usually Friday afternoon) and barrels can come and go from inventory during that timeframe.
Caliber: This is a reference only to bore/groove dimensions and does not mean these are chambered for a specific cartridge. We recognize "caliber" as the bore/groove dimensions of a barrel, and "cartridge" as the chambering a barrel is in. A .30 "Caliber" barrel can be used for .308 Winchester, .30-06, .300 Win Mag, etc.

Some notes on our abbreviations:
SPT: Radiused sporter style contour. This may be a Krieger style, or a copy of another.
MTU: Straight taper. This is a generic term we use for any straight taper barrel and does NOT specifically mean our "#10 MTU"
PALMA:  Any "Palma" or double straight taper style contour, NOT limited to our #14, 15, or 16 contours.
STR: Can be either a straight blank or a stepped straight. Please call if there are any questions on the dimensions.

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