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LIMITED RUN: AR-15 16.5" Carbine's in .300 BLK now available! 

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 Special Runs & Closeouts

Last update, 26-August-2014

 The barrels listed below are either close out or limited runs of barrels, please do not ask us to hold these barrels without payment. They are on a first come, first served basis. Thank you.



AR15 .300 BLK Carbine Barrels!

We have made a limited run of these barrels. Once they are gone we may not make them again. These barrels are ONLY available in the configuration listed below, we are not taking custom orders for .300 BLK barrels in other contours. These barrels were designed for and tested with factory subsonic ammunition. Suitability for handloads or other types of factory ammunition is up to the end user. These barrels are in our "H-Bar" pattern and are not available to be re-contoured.

Material: 416R Stainless Steel

Bore/Groove: .300"/.308"

Number of grooves: 4

Weight: 2.35# (no chamber or crown)

Twist Rate: 1-8

Finish length (after crown): 16.5"

Gas block diameter: .750" (gas block not supplied)

Gas port location: Traditional "Carbine" length.

Gas port diameter: .118"


$320.00     Barrel blank as described above (no chamber, threads or crown)

$100.00     Chamber & Headspace to our mil spec fixture or a customer supplied STRIPPED bolt

$160.00     Fluting

$125.00     Muzzle threads made to customer supplied device or machinist drawing of the threads needed

$  45.00     Matte bead blast finish

Muzzle threads are available on these barrels but the customer MUST supply the device being installed, or in the case of a direct fit sound suppressor, a machinist drawing of the threads must be supplied. There is no "Standard" thread in the industry that is correct for all devices.

We can chamber these barrels using a Minimum SAAMI spec .300 BLK chambering reamer only. If you wish to use a chrome, tin coated, or otherwise plated aftermarket bolt, you must supply us with a STRIPPED (no extractor or ejector) bolt to properly headspace your barrel.


.22 Rimfire "Tight" bore

We have a batch of these from a canceled order. Specifications are as follows:

.215" Bore

.222" groove

1-16 twist rate

Material: 416 Stainless Steel

Contour: Palma


A: 1.200" (Breech diameter)

B: 2.5" (1" must be cut off this end making the finished breech diameter 1.5" once it is fitted to your action)

G: .880 (Neck diameter)

F: 5.0" (Neck length will actually be 4.0" when finished)

C: .780 (Muzzle diameter)

D: 26" (Finish length will actually be 25" when cut to length)

E: 27" (Blank length)

PRICE: $250.00 each, no discounts apply. This barrel retails for $330.00












AR-15 Carbine Barrels



We again are making AR-15 Cabine barrels on a limited "Special Run" basis!  We have not put these in the catalog, but are making them in batches from time to time. Below are the specifications of these barrels. When they are sold out, they are gone until the next time we have time for a special run of them.

We have made a substantial run of these barrel blanks for rifling. Please see below for the spec's.








Stainless Steel only

Pre-Ban configuration (1/2" x 28 muzzle threads) only

1-9 or 1-7.7 twist rate only

Traditional "Carbine" length gas system (short, not 'mid length')

.750" diameter gas block area for common gas block/front sight configurations

Similar contour/diameters to our DCM/Service rifle barrel (only shorter)

16.5" finish length





+$100.00- Finish chamber in .Minimum SAAMI spec .223 Rem, or .223 Wylde only (allow 4 weeks for chamber/crown)

 Any service available on our DCM/Service rifle barrels are available on these carbine barrels. Please see our website for more information.






M14/M1-A "Medium" contour 18.5" barrels




Stainless Steel or Parkerized Chrome Moly

Available in 1-10, 1-11, or 1-12 twist rates

Medium pattern "Bush Barrel" similar in contour to our full length "Medium Pattern" barrel with length removed between the gas cylinder and the flash suppressor.

Uses all standard G.I. M14/M1-A components

Uses customers G.I. size op rod guide and pin



+$60.00 to short chamber and crown in .308 Win only

All services available on our heavy and medium pattern M14/M1-A barrels are available on these. Please see our website for more information.




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