Calibers and Pricing Krieger Barrels

Calibers and Pricing

From 20 caliber to Four Bore, Krieger Barrels offers a wide variety of popular and rare calibers in bolt action, AR-15, AR-10, M1 Garand, M1A/M14 and M1903. Whether you are re-barrelling your service rifle, AR, benchrest, F-class or hunting rifle, Krieger Barrels gives you the freedom to customize. Krieger Barrels regularly makes barrels from 20 caliber (.199 inch bore diameter) to 4 bore (.936 inch bore diameter) so chances are good we can make the barrel that you need. Generally, our bolt action barrels are left as blanks. By this we mean the barrel is left unchambered, unthreaded and must still be cut and crowned by a competant gunsmith. Our drop in, finish chambered, AR-15 barrels and Ruger Precision Rifle barrels on the other hand are ready to be installed to your upper upon delivery.

Note that we list the bolt action barrels we make by their bore and groove dimensions (remember we are barrel makers) and not always by any specific cartridge name. Since there are often many different cartridges for the same bore and groove dimensions, even if you don't see the cartridge you shoot listed on this page, there is still a good chance we make the barrel you need. In addition to the quality and consistency benefits, cut rifling offers flexibility in rifling form, twist, groove dimensions, number of grooves and more. If your a cast lead shooter, for example, we can offer different width grooves, and in some calibers you can choose the number of grooves (4, 5R, 6, 8). Ask us about it.

We do not make shotgun or pistol barrels at this time. All of our barrels are made with a right-hand twist as standard.

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      Steel (Minimum Contour):
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      Options and Pricing:

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      Bore Dia.Groove Dia.Groove OptionsBase Price
      22 RF0.2170.222$325.00
      6MM/2430.2360, 0.23700.2434, 5R, 6$325.00
      6.5MM0.2560.2644, 5R$325.00
      7MM0.2770.2844, 5R$325.00
      30 TIGHT0.2980.3065, 0.3070, 0.30754, 5R$325.00
      3080.3000.3084, 5R$325.00
      8MM/8X57 (OLD)0.3110.323$345.00
      8MM REM (NEW)0.3150.323$345.00
      318 WR0.3180.330$345.00
      3380.3300.3385R, 6$345.00
      38 SPC0.3460.355$365.00
      40 CAL0.3990, 0.40000.4060, 0.4070, 0.4080, 0.4090$365.00
      40-700.3990, 0.40000.4060, 0.4070, 0.4080, 0.4090$365.00
      40-820.3990, 0.40000.4060, 0.4070, 0.4080, 0.4090$365.00
      405 WINCHESTER0.4030, 0.40500.411$365.00
      425 EXP0.4130.424$365.00
      40 NE0.4130.424$365.00
      404 JEFF0.4130.424$365.00
      44 MAG0.4170.429$365.00
      425 WR0.4250.435$365.00
      44-770.4340, 0.43800.446$365.00
      408 CHEYTAC0.4010.408$365.00
      45 ACP0.4420.450$365.00
      458 (STD LAND WIDTH)0.4500.458$365.00
      45-70 (WIDE LAND WIDTH)0.4500.458$365.00
      465 NE0.4590.468$365.00
      475 #20.4750.485$365.00
      50 AE0.4880.500$365.00
      500 S&W0.4910.500$365.00
      50 NE0.5000.510$365.00
      500 JEFF0.5000.510$365.00
      50 BMG0.5000.510$560.00
      50 BMG (TIGHT)0.49950.5095$560.00
      577 NE0.5750.585$380.00
      600 NE0.6080.621$380.00
      700 NE0.6900.700$380.00
      4 BORE0.9360.950$480.00

      5R® Rifling Form

      In 5R® rifling, the barrel has 5 grooves and the sides of these grooves are not straight, (i.e. not parallel to each other), instead they are angled or ramped as shown in the drawing above. Many shooters find this groove style to be advantageous, which has led us to offer it in many of our calibers.

      True 5R® rifling is an official registered trademark of Boots Obermeyer of Obermeyer Barrels. Krieger Barrels has express permission to use both his "5R" terminology and the groove geometry he developed to produce our 5R® barrels. Our 5R® barrels are produced using the same methods and standards of match-grade quality as all of our barrels.

      There is an additional fee of $30 for 5R® barrels.

      Currently, 5R® rifling is only available in the standard twist rates for that caliber unless otherwise noted. We do not offer custom, non-standard twist rates in 5R® at this time. We also do not offer 5R® rifling in our semi-auto barrels. Barrels which require a gasport are always made with 4 grooves so that the grooves are wide enough that we can keep the entire gasport within the groove.

      Henry Style Rifling

      Description: This is an early style of rifling meant for paper patched cast lead bulletss in early metallic cartridges.

      Standard Contour: 29" Blank x 1.300" Diameter. Chrome Moly Steel.

      Calibers: These are currently available in .32 thru .40 calibers, and also .458 and .577 calibers. Please call (262) 628 - 8558 for availability of other calibers.

      Price: $450.00 (Full price of barrel)

      Why Minimum Contours?

      For every caliber we list a minimum contour for both stainless steel and chrome moly. The minimum contour is the lightest (smallest allowable diameters at key lengths along the barrel) barrel we will make for that caliber in that type of steel. For any given groove diameter there exists a minimum outside contour that a barrel must satisfy to safely contain the pressure developed when firing a round. Also note that fluting a barrel reduces the effective wall thickness of a barrel which is why you will find a different set of rules regarding minimum contours for our fluted barrels. These dimensions have been calculated as more than safe for any normal pressures developed with typical loads (NOTE: if your wildcatting an exceptionally hot load these recommendations no longer apply!). If your unsure, our custom order form makes sure that the contour you are ordering is appropriate for your caliber, or if you order by phone, our technical sales staff can talk you through it.

      All of our barrels are made from either Stainless Steel (416) or Chrome Molybdenum (4140) steel (read more on our Steel) and the minimum contour requirements are different for chrome moly and stainless steel. Stainless Steel has a higher ductile to brittle transition temperature, meaning that if you shoot a stainless steel barrel in very cold temperatures it needs to have a heavier contour to account for this effect. Our minimum contour requirements take this into account. Browse our contours page to see all of our standard contours.

      Special Bore and Groove Dimensions:

      As shown in the caliber and pricing table, some calibers have multiple options for bore and/or groove dimensions and some have groove width options. Some of these configurations are standard for certain cartridges or bullet types and some are the result of common preferences among shooters. Depending on our current order backlog and the type of request it is sometimes possible for us to make customizations beyond those listed in the table Ask us about it. If you are looking for custom groove dimensions and need additional certification of these dimensions for an ammunition test barrel. Look here.

      Additional Bolt Information:Twist Contours Services
    Rifle Type
    (Click to Build)
    Available Calibers*Bore Dia.Groove Dia.Base Price
    M1- GARAND.30-06, .3080.3000.308$370.00
    Spring 1903.30-06, .3080.3000.308$400.00

    *Please specify .30-06 or .308 when ordering your barrel. The gasport dimensions differ between .30-06 and .308 and so we must know this even if we are not chambering your barrel.

    Additional M1G, M1A, M1903 Information: Twist Contours Services

    (Click to Build)
    Gas SystemCaliberBoreGrooveBase PriceChambers we Perform*
    AR15 CARBINE PRE BANCarbine.22 Cal0.218 IN0.224 IN$320.00.223 REM, .223 WYLDE, 223 Long Range
    AR15 MID WEIGHT 16.5 INMid Length.22 Cal0.218 IN0.224 IN$320.00.223 REM, .223 WYLDE, 223 Long Range
    AR15 MID WEIGHT 18 INMid Length.22 Cal0.218 IN0.224 IN$320.00.223 REM, .223 WYLDE, 223 Long Range
    AR15 H-BAR DCMRifle Length.22 Cal0.218 IN0.224 IN$320.00.223 REM, .223 WYLDE, 223 Long Range
    AR15 VARMATCHRifle Length.22 Cal0.218 IN0.224 IN$360.00.223 REM, .223 WYLDE, 223 Long Range
    AR15 VARMATCHRifle Length6MM0.236 IN0.243 IN$360.006x45
    AR15 VARMATCHRifle Length6.5MM0.256 IN0.264 IN$360.006.5MM Grendel
    AR15 VARMATCHRifle Length2700.270 IN0.277 IN$360.006.8 SPC2
    AR15 VARMATCH - 28 INExtended.22 Cal0.218 IN0.224 IN$380.00.223 REM, .223 WYLDE, 223 Long Range
    AR15 VARMATCH - 28 INExtended6MM0.236 IN0.243 IN$380.006x45
    AR15 VARMATCH - 28 INExtended6.5MM0.256 IN0.264 IN$380.006.5MM Grendel
    AR15 VARMATCH - 28 INExtended2700.270 IN0.277 IN$380.006.8 SPC2

    * Chambering is an optional, extra service. You are free to receive the rifled, contoured blank and have it fit by your own local gunsmith in your preferred cartridge. Finish and rough chambering are available in these cartridges, this list changes from time to time, but we do not cut chambers with customer supplied reamers.

    Additional AR-15 Information:Twist RatesContoursServices

    (Click to Build)
    CaliberBoreGrooveBase PriceChambers we Perform*
    AR10/DPMS.22 Cal0.2180.224$425.00.22-250 ST, .22-250 REM
    AR10/DPMS.3080.3000.308$425.00.308 WIN OBERMEYER, .308 WINCHESTER
    AR10/DPMS6.5MM0.2560.264$425.006.5X47 LAPUA, 6.5 CREEDMOOR, .260 REMINGTON
    AR10/DPMS6MM0.2360.243$425.00.243 WIN
    M110.3080.3000.308$425.00.308 WIN OBERMEYER, .308 WINCHESTER

    * Chambering is an optional, extra service. You are free to receive the rifled, contoured blank and have it fit by your own local gunsmith in your preferred cartridge. Finish and rough chambering are available in these cartridges, this list changes from time to time, but we do not cut chambers with customer supplied reamers.

    Additional AR-10 Information:Twist RatesContoursServices

    ContourCaliberBoreGrooveTwistBase PriceChamber
    Ruger Precision Rifle6.5MM0.2560.2641-8$550.006.5 Creedmoor
    Ruger Precision Rifle.3080.3000.3081-10$550.00.308 WINCHESTER

    Drop-in Ready Barrels:     Finish chambered and threaded for your action with factory-spec muzzle threads.

    Now in Stock:

    Thanks to Ruger's proprietary barrel nut design, a competent gusnmith will be able to swap out your barrel using an AR15 barrel wrench and proper headspace gauges.

    Complete barrel cost: $550.00