Congratulations Michael Stinnett!

The official Record Setting Target

5 shots: .0077 IN

On June 8th, 2013, Michael Stinnett shot a new world record, surpassing a group that held the record for 40 years. 5 shots were fired at a distance of 100 yards. This record was shot at the North Texas Shooters Association NBRSA match in Denton, TX. That 5 shots were fired was verified by use of a moving backer, and the .0077 IN group size was an average of the measurements from multiple judges.

The Record Setting Rifle

Equipment List:Details:
Barrel: Krieger Barrel: 1-17 IN Twist
Cartridge: .30 Stewart with BIB 114 grain Bullets, Lapua Brass
Powder: Hodgdon H4198
Action: Kelbly Panda "Speedy Shorty"
Stock: Larson
Scope: Leupold 45x Competition Scope
Scope Rings: Kelbly single screw tall rings
Trigger: Jewel
Gunsmith: Ralph Stewart, himself a 200 yard, 5 target aggregate record holder
Barrel Tuner: Custom made by Ralph Stewart, gunsmith.
Additional: Farley front rest, Micro Fiber bags and Graham wind flags

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