Fitting/Parts Send-In Check list Krieger Barrels

Parts Send In and Fitting Checklist

Services which require customer parts to be sent to Krieger Barrels

  • Full fittings and/or assemblies
  • Accurizing and related services
  • Threads for after-market muzzle devices.

Why do we need your parts?

Krieger Barrels does not offer drop in barrels except in the case of a finish chambered AR-15 utilizing a standard mil-spec parkerized bolt. We believe a premium barrel deserves a custom fitting to set the proper headspace to match the unique customer bolt. Currently, only in the case of a mil-spec AR-15 are we confident that we can ensure a match grade chamber without the customer bolt. If we become confident that other rifle systems can produce match quality results without customer parts, we will add to this list.

In the case of muzzle devices we have found that we need these items prior to machining the threads on our barrels because variances between different manufacturers of nominally equivalent threads requires that we have the device on hand to ensure a proper fit. Alternatively, if the shooter cannot provide the device or does not wish to we can also except an accurate machinist drawing of the threads from the manufacturer. As long as the drawing is sufficiently detailed and the customer's part is within those specs, we can proceed without the customer's part.

Accurizing and related services implies that we will be performing services on your parts, so we of course need your parts to perform these services.

How to send us your parts

We know you love your rifle and all the parts you have acquired for it (we feel the same way about our own) and so we ask that if you are sending any parts for us to work on or assemble you please print and fill out the appropriate check list and include it in the package you send with your parts. This form will tell you which parts we need for the work being done and which parts we do not need.

This form details what your including in the package, what value it has (for shipping insurance) and what work is to be done on it (an initialled copy of your order confirmation also serves that purpose). We also make sure you are aware of all the relevant policies and procedures we have for this kind of work. We just want to be sure we are all on the same page before any work begins involving your parts.

Note that we currently require a $200 down payment ahead of starting work on your fitting or other parts work. This can be included with the form listed below in the box with your rifle and/or parts.

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